After seeing the recent Arch KDE desktop, I thought I'd showcase mine. The good thing is that you can do it with plasmoids that come natively to KDE. If you've used Linux any time in the past 10 years, you know what Virtual Desktops are. They're one of the most useful aspects of Linux and lots of people try to duplicate the functionality on Windows and Macs. Essentially, it allows you to organize your work into grouped tasks without cluttering your screen too much. KDE 4 added Activities which are groups of Virtual Desktops. Think of them as tab groups in Firefox. I think you'll get the idea after you see my desktops, but you can also check out these blog posts I wrote about it:……

Here is my "Main" activity:

Virtual Desktop 1 is pretty simple. It has a trash plasmoid that allows me to permanently delete files deleted via the file manager. It also has the Activity Bar plasmoid to allow me to switch to a specific activity rather than cycle through them with the keyboard shortcuts. Finally, you'll see on every virtual desktop the Quicklaunch plasmoid. (Right screen top left side) That contains the programs I use on each desktop - here it's Kontact - KDE's PIM softare.

VD2 is my social media desktop. It has Quicklaunch for Choqok (Twitter client), KDE-Telepathy (IM), and Konversation (IRC)


VD3 is my Web desktop and this is common across all activities so I know I only need to go to VD3 for the web browser. However, this activity has the Folder View plasmoid which is AWESOME! Three instances of it here shown my D/L folder, my ~/tmp folder, and my D/Led music folder. Also Bittorrent plasmoid and a QuickLaunch Plasmoid with all my web browsers. The web browser's usually on the right. This setup allows me to d/l something and immediately work with it without having to navigate to the D/L folder.

Next activity is Multimedia:


VD1 is all about music. There is a Quicklaunch for Amarok, my favorite music player. Top Folderview is my Music folder, middle left is music that needs to be processed, middle right is the share folder from whence I transfer my music from Windows computer after buying it on Amazon. Bottom is the same music D/L folder seen above.

VD2 is about watching videos. It has a QuickLaunch to video programs and a Folderview of the share folder with the movies and TV shows.


Nothing special on VD3

Now the School Activity:


VD1 gives a good example of how this could really help - dividing things into activities. Here I have folderviews specific to my class as well as a Calendar Plasmoid and the Now Playing Plasmoid. Only taking one graduate class this semester, so the other VDs are empty.

Next up is Video Game Activity.


VD1 has arcade emulators and a folder view.

VD2 has video game console emulators in a QuickLaunch


VD3 has Linux games (and Steam) in a QuickLaunch.

The next few are all iterations on the same theme. So I think I'll stop there.

I know the requirement for having this featured on the main site was to include links to the wallpapers, but I've gotten most of them from Lifehacker. I can always email them to you if you want.